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Support for people who just want it done.

100% done for you fixes, edits, and maintenance by Support people for Support people. In most case, we can get you closed out in a couple of hours.

Get help with Zendesk, Gorgias or Intercom.

Minimum fee without retainer is $200

How does it work?

Tell us what you need. We're all ears. We can take the request via email or on a 30-min call. 

Get back to work, while we handle the issue for you.

In roughly a day, we'll catch up on what went down and offer any resources to boost your team's success.

Our current resolution time is a couple of hours.

What are you trying to do? 

Configuration Requests

  • View creation/editing

  • Field creation/editing

  • Workflow design/editing

  • Automate workflows

  • CSAT creation/editing

  • Ticket prioritization

Reporting Requests

  • SLA creation/editing

  • Custom metric calculations

  • Custom dashboards


  • How to documentation

  • Admin documentation

Hey, isn't support included in my license fee?
You bet it is. We always recommend contacting your vendor's support team first. This service is meant for folks who are swamped and can't spare a second for tackling the articles you'll get as answers. The perfect client for this service is someone who wants us to handle the work, freeing them up to concentrate on other stuff.


See if we can help.

How to work with us

New Clients

  • Let's get the ball rolling and book a consultation! 

  • To collaborate effectively, we'll need our own admin account for auditing and accountability purposes.

  • Our minimum billing for a new client is two hours. This allows us a little time to understand your setup to avoid any issues.

New & Existing Clients

  • Book a consultation, or if you prefer email, send us the request. If we can solve the problem on the spot, congrats!

  • If we need to work on the issue offline, we will take care of it and follow up with you when done.

  • Should we need to involve the vendor, we will do so on your behalf.

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