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Next Street Scale

Next Street Scale is a startup small business advisor service, connecting small businesses with resources they need to succeed. Before launching their services, they came to us to stand up their CX department.  They were in need of a complete configuration from scratch, including training materials, SOPs, a workforce management plan, and guidance for scaling.

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Project Overview


  • They had not yet launched their services

  • Since they are a 3rd party service, they needed to navigate the proper level of support they could provide on behalf of their vendors

  • Uncertainty around ticket volume


  • A well-built CRM that was setup correctly and efficiently the first time around

  • A CX Playbook complete with documented SOPs, macros, workflows, FAQs, and rules

  • A workforce management plan with international, US, in-house, and outsourced options

The Process

As with all of our clients, we follow a 5-phase approach to CX implementation: Investigate, Intent, Implementation, Instructional Design, Integration. We started off by gathering their team’s requirements and wish list, offered our expert opinions and guidance on the planned approach, and came to shared vision with their leadership team before beginning on the build out. 


Once we had built out their Zendesk instance with automations, macros, and FAQs, they were ready for Beta. Our initial embarkment was heavily focused on preparing for their 6 week Beta launch. During Beta, their team did not have enough capacity to handle tickets, so we happily stepped in to accomodate the need. Our findings from beta greatly contributed to the streamlined configuration of their CX platform. We helped source and vet potential support agencies so they could be confident in their end service.

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The Results

Our client was ready to hire and train support agents with their fully customized Zendesk instance and CX Playbook by the end of our time together.  From our Beta findings, we were able to estimate a workforce management plan that gave them options on outsourcing, hiring in house support agents, or a combination of the two.


A piece of advice we offered this client as well as our other clients is that with a limited team, it’s important to know how many channels can be properly supported (i.e. phone, chat, email).  This client risked not having enough manpower to handle chat support within a reasonable amount of time, so we recommended sticking with email until the team could expand.  The chat function was setup to direct customers to help articles and FAQs.

A Word From Our Client

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“Flawless!! is the word that comes to mind when we think of the CX Collective. From day one you have been exceptional in your delivery, had a strong work ethic, reliability, and a positive attitude that has left a lasting impression on us. You even delivered above what was asked. Thank you- from the bottom of our hearts.”

- Joanne Eriaku, Director, Next Street Scale

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