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How To Boost Your CX Operations to New Heights Easily with an Optimal Tech Stack

People Discovering the right tech stack for CX

We all have to start somewhere. When a business first starts to take off, it's not unusual for customer service to use Outlook or Google to handle requests. But, as their business grows, these systems breakdown because they were never intended to be customer support tools. now, you're faced with trying to decide which Help Desk is best for you, your budget and your teams needs.

Choosing the right Tech Stack for your company is a crucial decision that can greatly impact your CX success.

What is a Tech Stack?

A Tech Stack is a group of tools you use to do your work. In this instance, they're systems used to support your customers. Most companies have an Order Management System/CRM, Customer Engagement (Zendesk, Gorgias, etc), Returns partner, Social Tools, Subscriptions platform and/or Slack. The systems you use are totally dependent on your goals.

Why Choosing the Right Tech Stack is Essential

When considering a Tech Stack, it's important to take a step back and think about what you're trying to achieve first. Always consider scale and what needs you may have in a year or more from now.

One of the worst things is setting up a tool, and then having to switch to a new one a year later to accommodate the growth in your company and reset everything up again.

Here are a few systems you should consider as part of your Tech Stack.

  1. Help Desk: Used for customer engagement and communication. Think omnichannel support: email, chat, phones, social, SMS and/or self service/Help Center.

  2. Order Management System: This one is not often up to CX, but you have to understand how it's used and what information is found here. Ideally look for a direct link between this and your Support handling platform.

  3. Returns: If you sell a product and will accept returns, you will need a platform that makes the returns process easy.

  4. Internal Communications: You'll need a way to communicate internally on various topics, likely instantly.

People Discovering the right tech stack for CX

Advantages of Choosing the Right Tech Stack

By investing in the appropriate tech stack, you'll unlock increased efficiency for your team. Imagine the benefits of streamlined workflows, enhanced customer interactions, and reduced response times. Selecting the right tools empowers your CX program to flourish, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and organizational success.

At CX Collective, we understand the significance of choosing the right Tech Stack. We're here to guide and support you throughout this process. Our team of seasoned CX professionals can share their expertise, provide personalized recommendations, and help you streamline your tech stack selection.

We discuss this very topic on our podcast CX Collective In the Zone., and invite you to have a listen!


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