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Furtify, the pet supplement company, was just a few months away from launching their brand in the marketplace when they approached us to establish their CX processes. Being a newly established company with only two co-founders in place, we built their Support Team Operations from the ground up.  Their project included newly established policies, procedures, systems implementation and SOPs. In the end, both co-founders were able to operate effectively in all aspects for customer experience.

Image by Jamie Street

Project Overview


  • Co-founders were launching a new ecommerce store without a strategy for customer support.

  • For some period of time, support would be handled by co-founders, so efficiency was high on the priority list,

  • They'd opted to use Gorgias and needed to have the system configured and optimized for scale.


  • A well-built CRM that was setup correctly and efficiently the first time around.

  • A CX Playbook complete with documented SOPs, macros, workflows, FAQs, and rules.

  • A workforce management plan to help with estimating staffing needs to ensure service levels are met.

The Process

We started off by diving deep into policies, getting to know the company's personality, which we like to call the company persona. This sets the tone for how we handle processes and exceptions.

Then, we focused on crafting workflows and transforming them into Gorgias rules. We added handy automations to minimize the need for agent involvement, prepared pre-written responses for common issues, and implemented tagging for easy reporting.

Throughout the project, we regularly met with Furtify, sharing updates, exploring new launch-relevant info, and obtaining their approvals.

Initially, Furtify aimed for a one-month implementation, but we extended it to two months as their website wasn't quite ready.

Furtify's amazing co-founders entrusted CX Collective with creating the ultimate Customer Experience for them. And guess what? It only took us a total of 163 hours to bring it all together.


Don't forget to check out Furtify for top-notch dog health protection! And hey, make sure to mention CX Collective when you do! 😁

Screenshot 2023-10-20 130203.png

The Results

After a short 2 month project, Furtify was thrilled to have a fully configured Gorgias instance that was custom-built to meet their unique needs and way of working. As part of our commitment to their success, we provided a CX Playbook filled with all their SOPs, macros, workflows, FAQs, and rules. They can refer back to it anytime and even use it for training new hires.

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