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Wig Studio 1

Our client wanted more for their Customer's Experience.  They turned to us when their team reached their limit of experience when it came to transitioning help desks and all that comes with a large project of this nature. 

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Project Overview


  • Transitioning to a new customer service platform deemed too time consuming and involved for leadership to implement with their team

  • Existing and new customer support reps would need proper training on the new platform and workflows

  • Data from the old system would need to be cleanly imported to the new one

  • Offer a better customer experience via chat, email, and phone


  • New Customer Service Platform that maintained original data

  • A smooth transition to the new for agents as well as customers

  • Employee Training and Documented Materials

The Process

This project is the bread and butter of what CX Collective (formerly The Workforce Pro) does.  Our team carefully analyzed Wig Studio 1's existing setup, their needs, and the ideas they had that outlined where they wanted to go.  In collaboration with their team, we created a plan to meet each of their requests.  We took every step to implement that plan carefully and thoughtfully.  It was important that our documentation was thorough enough for anyone who had never touched the system to be able to fully understand what to do.

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The Results

By the end of our time together, Wig Studio 1 had a new Customer Support System complete with clean data and automations.  Their previous workflows were improved and updated for the new system. Our client went from 9 to 12 agents due to growth.  In that time, they had each and every macro, process, and workflow documented in an organized playbook that their team could reference at any time. 

**Specifics to include:

- they mentioned invoicing and direction was improved as an end result

- include any metrics that may have been measured

A Word From Our Client

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"I would give Ty and her team 5 of 5 stars.  Aside from awesome personalities, the ladies we worked with were knowledgeable, informative and provided resources / referrals. They developed a plan of action for us, implemented it, and provided training, so we can move with confidence."

-Andrea Carlson, CEO

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