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Focused on high quality natural ingredients, our client established itself as a force within the beauty industry in 2016. However, like everyone reading this, our client faced unprecedented times when the pandemic hit and was forced to evolve and provide a way for their customers to experience an in-store feel while shopping at home.


Project Overview


  • Create an in-store shopping experience for clients at home 

  • Reduce customer wait times

  • Streamline processes to reduce inbound volume

  • Introduce RMA process

  • Find the best fit for staffing long term


  • 360° view of customer

  • Training Materials

  • Quality  Assurance

  • Employee performance review process

The Process

Prior to The Workforce Pro’s engagement, our client adapted a short-term fix by making use of their in-field resources as customer experience personnel. But the process was proven problematic, resulting in dreadful 45 minute live chat sessions, prompting grammatical errors and overly casual “small talk” communication. Ultimately, our client’s biggest contact driver needed a process best served in person, something the pandemic made seemingly impossible. This is where The Workforce Pro set out to set goals and find solutions for our client’s needs.

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The Results

By the end of our engagement, our client had a 95% increase in efficiency: reducing wait time for their biggest driver down from 48 hours to 2 hours. Additionally, we implemented a returns process that cut down on lost parcels and saved the company time and money. 


We placed a new Sr. CX Manager to oversee the team as new workflows were introduced to reduce employee stress and improve customer engagement. We changed the profile of the CX hires and introduced a more flexible work schedule and plan. 


All customer experience employees were trained similar to MUAs to assist with product suggestions and recommendations. We are proud to say, The Workforce Pro implemented a company wide training program that is still in use today.

Grow Your Vision

We are experts in Support Enablement and Customer Experience management. Trust us for guidance, consulting, and support to truly elevate your customer experience.

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